Who’s a Good Boy?

rallyOur dog “Rally” is 1 1/2  years old and he is FINALLY, almost a good boy. He’s 95%  potty trained, mostly done chewing shoes, toys, and furniture. I took him to an obedience training course for about 10 sessions. It really worked, we can walk him on leash without being pulled into traffic, he doesn’t jump up on people, and he doesn’t beg everyone for food at dinner time. Much. If you have or get a puppy / dog that is wild, noisy, and destructive you might try dog training classes for you and your dog. You need to keep at it and be consistent with your efforts for an extended period, but it’s worth the effort. We are now working on the whining  and barking that goes on when we leave for work. The trainer told me Rally might need another dog friend to stay home with  him. All I can  see is TWO dogs yapping incessantly in the back yard until we get home. Oh yeah, and twice the doggie doo to pick up. I already have a baby in diapers to clean up after. No more dogs. This one is going to have to learn to be a good family member.