Swimming with Kat

Shane and I took Kat to grandma’s house for a visit. Grandma has a nice pool that has good sun exposure and the water temperature is comfortable. Grandma and I grilled some hot dogs, veggie burgers and chicken while Shane took Kat for some pool playtime. Apparently, Kat loves the water.baby KatGrandma, ever conscious of the dangers of too much sun exposure, insisted that we slather up baby Katrina with high SPF sunblock before going outside . Shane and I like to avoid chemicals on our bodies or on the baby so we actually had to wait to go to grandma’s house until we could find a natural or organic sun block for babies. I searched around online and ordered Elemental Herbs Kids Sunscreen. The ingredients list is all natural and I can actually read and pronounce all of them. We had Kat in and out of the pool for a few hours and she didn’t get any burn or color at all.