Beeville Here We Come

Shane and I are spending time in  Texas right now  visiting his mom and dad. They live in little farming town called Beeville. Shane’s parents run a farm where they grow all kinds of tejas-yee-hawvegetables and raise chickens, pigs and cows. They have an old farmhouse with high ceilings, big rooms, and their own water well. A few days ago Shane took me for ride on the tractor to go rescue a cow whose head got stuck in an electrified fence. It was mooing and wailing pretty loud so we could hear it from a good distance. Shane turned the power off for the fence and brought some cable cutters to free the cow. Me being a city girl, I learned that when you raise cows, you gotta watch where you step, boots are pretty much mandatory unless you want to lose a shoe to a big heap of cow manure.